Healing cap standart

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Healing abutment helps to form the necessary contour of soft tissues (gums) during gum healing. It is used for two-stage surgery and for single-stage surgery.
The product is not sterile, sterilized before use.
The product is made of titanium alloy Ti-6AI-4V ELI (Standard ASTM F136).



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SKU Length Diameter Tyoe
wsx-0001 1 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart
wsx-0002 2 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart
wsx-0003 3 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart
wsx-0004 4 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart
wsx-0005 5 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart
wsx-0006 6 mm. 4.5 mm. Standart

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