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The company “Noble” exists since 2014 and during this time we received ISO13485 certificate and CE marking in English company bsi, which we support annually. Also our products are certified in Israel, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  The process of obtaining a license in Belarus and Russian Federation is in progress.


We offer implants of three types: Dentin, Genial and Solid. These implants are made in a dimensional grid from a diameter of 3.3 mm to 6 mm and a length of 6 to 16 mm.

(RU) Абатменты для имплантологии


We also offer a series of hexagonal base abutments that are compatible with all NOBLE implants and any implant of Israeli production.

(RU) Фрезы для имплантологии с направляющей фрезой


A full set of dental milling cutters for working with implants of any diameter of any Israeli manufacturer. For convenience all cutters are equipped with color indication.

The Advantages of Our Products:

quick service

good acceptability

guarantees of а quality

available prices

High-Precision Production

The Formula of Success is In High Quality Standards

At all stages, from the design stage to the actual production of the product, the highest level of quality is maintained. Thanks to our control systems, only the best material that meets all medical requirements and limitations is selected. This level of control is determined by the desire for maximum biocompatibility and flexibility, which in turn ensures durability and rapid recovery.


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The company’s origins are in Israel and our products are successfully used by all specialists, and they also earned confidence among patients.

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